i can't quite pinpoint why, but this was by far one of the weirdest conversations i had this morning:

maidenanne83: what's sinus?
rainybluesky: um... like nasal cavity problems?
maidenanne83: have you ever had it?
rainybluesky: not really
rainybluesky: it's not really a condition
rainybluesky: it's a physiological term
rainybluesky: like your sinuses
maidenanne83: what on earth is it? oh...
rainybluesky: "my sinuses are acting up" -- that means like your nose, throat and ears feel stuffed up or inflamed

normally on weekends, i lie in bed and do nothing. leaving the apartment building, let alone my front door, is usually pretty miraculous.

however, i had a plan this past weekend. i had things to do! my planned things to do, followed by the percentage of likelihood they would have actually been done:

going to see a loft bed for sale: 99%
going out to dinner: 80%
going to see a movie: 85%
go to yoga: 75%
walk around the neighborhood: 55%

moving a loft bed into my apartment: 99%, based on previous day's results.
going out to lunch: 75%
going to yoga: 75%
going to get my haircut: 99% (i had an appointment!)
walk around the neighborhood, sporting my new 'do: 98%

alas, it rained all weekend. like, a lot. therefore:

all things listed above: 0%
me sitting at home, staring numbly at my computer screen, eat a lot of take-out: 100%

i tried! i really tried!
okay, not really, but kinda... alright, not nearly enough, but... ah, who cares.

rainybluesky: i send a lot of sites live on monday
rainybluesky: because my updates are then
rainybluesky: the QA guy just made fun of me, saying i only work on mondays and slack the rest of the week

lookimmacitizen: har har
rainybluesky: that is like the most exciting thing that's happened to me all day
rainybluesky: the QA guy talking to me
rainybluesky: so don't mock
lookimmacitizen: hehe
rainybluesky: well, he emailed me
lookimmacitizen: omg
lookimmacitizen: thats just sad

so i don't really get that much sleep in general on weekdays. i have a habit of staying up late doing a random assortment of stuff, which causes me to be a bit lethargic in the mornings, and that's completely my fault.

what's NOT completely my fault is the horrible neighbor with his/her horrible dog that continually howls and barks ALL. FREAKING. NIGHT. (and day, might i add. it doesn't take the weekends off!)

i can't even yell out the window because i wouldn't know what direction to yell in. dog dammit!

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