so i was reading one of my favorite websites, overheard in new york, when i came across this one that i just had to re-post, for prosperity:

Girl on 13th & Broadway: I had a few drags on New Year's Eve, and woke up the next morning sounding like Tara Reid.

Well, at least you didn't pick up any of Tara's other bad traits, like looking like a skank. and smelling like a skank. and being a skank. 'cause you know what skanky Tara Reid has besides an undeserving amount of disposable income? v.d.

big fucking whoop. as if people haven't been telling me this for years. i need sleep.

the steam from the radiator in my room is has been steaming too much. it's created a puddle of water on my floor and the water accummulating on the pipes make a really loud and annoying fizzy bubbling noise. so i moved to my living room to sleep on the futon.

which was fine, until the refridgerator started humming and the cursed radiator out there started hissing too. stupid appliances. i think they're testing my nerves until i crack. and then they'll take over.

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