i can't quite pinpoint why, but this was by far one of the weirdest conversations i had this morning:

maidenanne83: what's sinus?
rainybluesky: um... like nasal cavity problems?
maidenanne83: have you ever had it?
rainybluesky: not really
rainybluesky: it's not really a condition
rainybluesky: it's a physiological term
rainybluesky: like your sinuses
maidenanne83: what on earth is it? oh...
rainybluesky: "my sinuses are acting up" -- that means like your nose, throat and ears feel stuffed up or inflamed

normally on weekends, i lie in bed and do nothing. leaving the apartment building, let alone my front door, is usually pretty miraculous.

however, i had a plan this past weekend. i had things to do! my planned things to do, followed by the percentage of likelihood they would have actually been done:

going to see a loft bed for sale: 99%
going out to dinner: 80%
going to see a movie: 85%
go to yoga: 75%
walk around the neighborhood: 55%

moving a loft bed into my apartment: 99%, based on previous day's results.
going out to lunch: 75%
going to yoga: 75%
going to get my haircut: 99% (i had an appointment!)
walk around the neighborhood, sporting my new 'do: 98%

alas, it rained all weekend. like, a lot. therefore:

all things listed above: 0%
me sitting at home, staring numbly at my computer screen, eat a lot of take-out: 100%

i tried! i really tried!
okay, not really, but kinda... alright, not nearly enough, but... ah, who cares.

rainybluesky: i send a lot of sites live on monday
rainybluesky: because my updates are then
rainybluesky: the QA guy just made fun of me, saying i only work on mondays and slack the rest of the week

lookimmacitizen: har har
rainybluesky: that is like the most exciting thing that's happened to me all day
rainybluesky: the QA guy talking to me
rainybluesky: so don't mock
lookimmacitizen: hehe
rainybluesky: well, he emailed me
lookimmacitizen: omg
lookimmacitizen: thats just sad

so i don't really get that much sleep in general on weekdays. i have a habit of staying up late doing a random assortment of stuff, which causes me to be a bit lethargic in the mornings, and that's completely my fault.

what's NOT completely my fault is the horrible neighbor with his/her horrible dog that continually howls and barks ALL. FREAKING. NIGHT. (and day, might i add. it doesn't take the weekends off!)

i can't even yell out the window because i wouldn't know what direction to yell in. dog dammit!

i spent all weekend indoors. it was nice. i watched like 12 movies.

okay, not 12. more like 6 full-length movies, several episodes of television, and skimmed through some other movies that i already know by heart. i wasn't feeling so great, but now that i'm better, i guess i'll have to start "talking" and "seeing" people again:

insunlight: we should hang out this week
insunlight: i'm warning you in advance
insunlight: so you'll be emotionally prepared

oh, that erin. she knows me too well.

rainybluesky: i'm kinda bummed my computer is so thick now
wisswee: same with mac mini and imac
wisswee: hahahaha

rainybluesky: i remember when i first got it i was like, oh so skinny! now i just look at it with disgust
wisswee: think of it this way
wisswee: if you ever sit on it
wisswee: thick is better

rainybluesky: "you've really let your titanium ass go, powerbook"
wisswee: hahahahahahahhaahhahahahaa

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wisswee: i need to move out
wisswee: and have sex
wisswee: overshare

rainybluesky: yes, yes that was
rainybluesky: but it was also a bit obvious
rainybluesky: i mean, i don't doubt your powers and prowess
rainybluesky: but there seems to be very little sex to be had in camarillo

erin and i were talking about this ridiculous article i found online and our conversation took a turn for the uber-geeky but completely relevant:

rainybluesky: THE GOV'T IS RETARDED
insunlight: terrorists prefer Al Home Bin Depot
insunlight: the gov't has been retarded for years
insunlight: it's like now it's still just as retarded, but the special ed classes are taught by monkeys

rainybluesky: ergh
rainybluesky: i'm so mad

insunlight: i wish we had a parliamentary system
insunlight: so we could hold a vote of no confidence

rainybluesky: but what if the chancellor declares himself emperor
rainybluesky: and uses his vast clone army to subjugate us

insunlight: would that really be worse than what we have now?
rainybluesky: hm, good point
rainybluesky: at least there would be lasers and spaceships in that reality
rainybluesky: LASERS AND SPACESHIPS, ERIN. my dream!

insunlight: i say, bring on the hand-lightning!
insunlight: let's work towards that brighter, more repressive tomorrow!

so i was reading one of my favorite websites, overheard in new york, when i came across this one that i just had to re-post, for prosperity:

Girl on 13th & Broadway: I had a few drags on New Year's Eve, and woke up the next morning sounding like Tara Reid.

Well, at least you didn't pick up any of Tara's other bad traits, like looking like a skank. and smelling like a skank. and being a skank. 'cause you know what skanky Tara Reid has besides an undeserving amount of disposable income? v.d.

big fucking whoop. as if people haven't been telling me this for years. i need sleep.

the steam from the radiator in my room is has been steaming too much. it's created a puddle of water on my floor and the water accummulating on the pipes make a really loud and annoying fizzy bubbling noise. so i moved to my living room to sleep on the futon.

which was fine, until the refridgerator started humming and the cursed radiator out there started hissing too. stupid appliances. i think they're testing my nerves until i crack. and then they'll take over.

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