so yesterday night, i was disappointed to discover that the left earbud of my ipod earphones had broken, so it the ampflifying cap was all dangly. fortunately, it still worked, so i was like, no prob, i'll crazy glue it.

as expected, for a brief moment i glued my finger to it, but that was expected and i painfully peeled it off.

but then i was worried that i glued it wrong and the audio wasn't gonna work and it'd be too late... so i plugged it into my mini and tested it.

while the glue was STILL WET... and yes, i got a earphone stuck in my ear.

... i'll wait for everyone to catch their breath from laughing like a loon.

and although many of you hope that this story goes on, i'm sorry to disappoint and say that i peeled it out and spent the night picking at the dried glue flakes off my ear.

WissWee: i had such a crush on this guy
rainybluesky [looks at picture]: he's cute
WissWee: and he's the sweetest guy ever
rainybluesky: aww
rainybluesky: sweet guys are nice
rainybluesky: i personally am attracted to jerks who occasionally act sweet
WissWee: hahaha
WissWee: semi sweet?
rainybluesky: yes... semi sweet... like chocolate
rainybluesky: yum
WissWee: haha
WissWee: i like chocolate

My thoughts on the new Weezer video for their song "Perfect Situation" from the album Make Believe:

  1. Guest star Elisha Cuthbert - fairly standard, they often use guest stars (Muppets, Hugh Hefner, the Fonz)
  2. Weezer - "r" = Weeze. Does the "r" = Rivers? In the first place, Weezer = Rivers, because he named the band after himself (childhood nickname due to asthma).
  3. Is Elisha a fan of Weezer? (a la is she deserving of this guest star spot, or was she picked because she is the latest hot thing within their price range)
  4. Was Elisha channeling Lindsey Lohan/Ashlee Simpson/Hilary Duff with the mussed hair and dark eye shadow and predictable stage performance?
  5. Who's luckier, Rivers getting Elisha to dance around him, or Elisha getting Rivers to protect him from a mob?
  6. When Rivers starts to sing in front of the Elisha's closed door, he looks so sad. He really knows how to play the sad puppy dog thing. but really, it's the only look he ever has.
  7. Something wasn't right... it wasn't until the third viewing that i realized that Rivers isn't wearing his glasses. =(
  8. How cool am I to predict that this would be their next single?
  9. When Elisha gets replaced by Rivers -- is that saying that Rivers could easily be replaced? Only a man can do the job? Did they get this idea from a long-suffering groupie? That Gwen isn't the only one who can rock at a No Doubt concert?
  10. When Scott Shriner was yelling at Elisha the Rock Star, was he channeling some hidden anger towards Rivers?
  11. Rivers the Bodyguard/Assistant essentially betrays and deserts Elisha the Rock Star -- but earlier in the video he looks like he's in L-O-V-E with her. this just made me sad.
  12. What is the video trying to tell us? Is Rivers a prima donna? Yes, we know he is. but does he go to the extreme divaness protrayed by Elisha? Is he self-mocking, or did the director make him do this? (rumor is that he didn't really like the "Beverly Hills" video concept)
  13. Freshly added onto my list of things that sucks I moved here is that I was invited to a casting call of this video and I didn't go. When I was invited it wasn't that big of a deal, but now I'm damn bummed.


I've decided that Elisha was luckier.

at veneiro's, one of the best desert places in all of new york city.
too bad it sounds like a std.

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