i spent all weekend indoors. it was nice. i watched like 12 movies.

okay, not 12. more like 6 full-length movies, several episodes of television, and skimmed through some other movies that i already know by heart. i wasn't feeling so great, but now that i'm better, i guess i'll have to start "talking" and "seeing" people again:

insunlight: we should hang out this week
insunlight: i'm warning you in advance
insunlight: so you'll be emotionally prepared

oh, that erin. she knows me too well.

rainybluesky: i'm kinda bummed my computer is so thick now
wisswee: same with mac mini and imac
wisswee: hahahaha

rainybluesky: i remember when i first got it i was like, oh so skinny! now i just look at it with disgust
wisswee: think of it this way
wisswee: if you ever sit on it
wisswee: thick is better

rainybluesky: "you've really let your titanium ass go, powerbook"
wisswee: hahahahahahahhaahhahahahaa

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wisswee: i need to move out
wisswee: and have sex
wisswee: overshare

rainybluesky: yes, yes that was
rainybluesky: but it was also a bit obvious
rainybluesky: i mean, i don't doubt your powers and prowess
rainybluesky: but there seems to be very little sex to be had in camarillo

erin and i were talking about this ridiculous article i found online and our conversation took a turn for the uber-geeky but completely relevant:

rainybluesky: THE GOV'T IS RETARDED
insunlight: terrorists prefer Al Home Bin Depot
insunlight: the gov't has been retarded for years
insunlight: it's like now it's still just as retarded, but the special ed classes are taught by monkeys

rainybluesky: ergh
rainybluesky: i'm so mad

insunlight: i wish we had a parliamentary system
insunlight: so we could hold a vote of no confidence

rainybluesky: but what if the chancellor declares himself emperor
rainybluesky: and uses his vast clone army to subjugate us

insunlight: would that really be worse than what we have now?
rainybluesky: hm, good point
rainybluesky: at least there would be lasers and spaceships in that reality
rainybluesky: LASERS AND SPACESHIPS, ERIN. my dream!

insunlight: i say, bring on the hand-lightning!
insunlight: let's work towards that brighter, more repressive tomorrow!

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