i went to a gavin degraw and joss stone concert yesterday night. i found myself in a mosh pit there full of screaming 15-year-old girls because a sound check guy threw a already-opened water bottle into the crowd. traumatizing, really.

joss went on first, she's very good. the thing is, she gets like, too into it. it's almost creepy.

then gavin came on and he was great. amazing. as usual. before he started, some girls were talking about meeting him afterwards, and they were amazed that i had already and had seen him in concert 3 times. i was *so cool* and *so lucky*.

and i am, i know.

he sang a lot of new songs that i didn't recognize (yay! new album coming out!) but told all the same stories (still funny and adorable). and of course, he was wearing a hat.


  • gavin talking about in the past, he'd basically stalked a girl and had fantasies of grandeur which involved him being her protector. then he wrote the song Cop Stop [song] [lyrics] and now ever girls fantasizes him in a uniform with cuffs.
  • gavin and joss singing a duet to "Sexual Healing (Let's Get It On)" [song] -- and oh, did we all want to. it was like watching soft-core porn.
  • joss singing, "ooh... let me see your moh...bile phones" (she wanted us to wave our damn phones. i didn't.)
i will post pictures and short videos whenever i get a chance.


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