and now is when i normally start singing some burt bacharach song. but enough of that. my question really is, what can you do when a man in a wheelchair sexually molests you.

i was waiting for the bus in union square, the day before my birthday, happy as a clam (well, not a clam, because i actually had a pretty blah day at work) and i briefly see a man in a wheelchair standing near the whole foods behind me.

then about 10 minutes later or so, i feel something brush against my crotch area near the back. thinking it's maybe just some accident, i turn around irritaed, to see the man sitting behind me. and then he LICKS his finger! disgusting. people are disgusting. i was so appalled (yes, i finally have use for that word) that i just said, "what the fu-" but couldn't even finish. so gross. so digusting. so creepy. ugh.

and then, he wheeled away.

i really wanted to kick him and shove his wheelchair into the busy busy street, but seeing that he was disabled, it seemed wrong. heck, even if he wasn't in a wheelchair, i probably wouldn't have done anything either, because i was so appalled. the man also looked like he could be mentally disabled, so i don't even think i want to go there. but if he wasn't (and even if he was) it makes me mad to think that first of all, he could think that he could get away with that, and second of all, if he's using his disability to get away with it, that's even more f-ed up.

but it's over and done with. the only reason why i'm even blogging it is because everyone i tell the story to, they keep telling me to blog it. so i'm blogging it. i've been harassed before in the big sparkly city before, but that was the first time i wanted to go home to cali.

but instead, i went home and took a shower. or threw up. or tangoed a bit. i don't remember, because i like to block things. really, it's the best way to get through life.


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