wisswee: so the guy tammy's sleeping with
wisswee: is SO cute
rainybluesky: rape him!
rainybluesky: oh wait.... they don't like that

rainybluesky: i believe someone is spraying one of those cans of computer air thingies
rainybluesky: and i actually spoke out loud, with quite a lot of hope, "is there a spaceship in here?"
insunlight: hehehehe
insunlight: you would fit in well at pcmag
rainybluesky: i know that someday my prince will come... and carry me away with his Supersonic 3000 JetPack Ultratm

i thought i was done with college. i guess not.

most of my time in college was spent working on yearbook. or newspaper. or hanging out with my boyfriend. or watching tv and movies. or surfing the net. or going to concerts.

notice none of the above is "studying" or "writing papers", which is what i'm supposed to be doing right now.


anyway, here's a
cute little sad video i found - enjoy, whomever reads this blog.

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