rainybluesky: i'm kinda bummed my computer is so thick now
wisswee: same with mac mini and imac
wisswee: hahahaha

rainybluesky: i remember when i first got it i was like, oh so skinny! now i just look at it with disgust
wisswee: think of it this way
wisswee: if you ever sit on it
wisswee: thick is better

rainybluesky: "you've really let your titanium ass go, powerbook"
wisswee: hahahahahahahhaahhahahahaa

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wisswee: i need to move out
wisswee: and have sex
wisswee: overshare

rainybluesky: yes, yes that was
rainybluesky: but it was also a bit obvious
rainybluesky: i mean, i don't doubt your powers and prowess
rainybluesky: but there seems to be very little sex to be had in camarillo


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