.today i got up two hours early
..but then managed to leave the apartment late
...and then the train was delayed for 30 minutes
....and then i bumped into my boss coming out of the elevator
.....and then my computer wouldn't let me send/recieve any email
......and then my computer wouldn't me do anything!
.......and as far as i.t. thinks, i am not employed at scholastic.

i am a bum, and only because of a kindness of a manager (previous manager?) i am leeching their internet. and doing work, of course. but i wonder if i'm even getting paid... oh well. i like being here, typitty typitty typitty!


I didn't know that. Voice Print did that to me many times. Sometimes the power would shut off and we would sit there in the dark and play cards.

5:50 PM  

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