so yesterday night, i was disappointed to discover that the left earbud of my ipod earphones had broken, so it the ampflifying cap was all dangly. fortunately, it still worked, so i was like, no prob, i'll crazy glue it.

as expected, for a brief moment i glued my finger to it, but that was expected and i painfully peeled it off.

but then i was worried that i glued it wrong and the audio wasn't gonna work and it'd be too late... so i plugged it into my mini and tested it.

while the glue was STILL WET... and yes, i got a earphone stuck in my ear.

... i'll wait for everyone to catch their breath from laughing like a loon.

and although many of you hope that this story goes on, i'm sorry to disappoint and say that i peeled it out and spent the night picking at the dried glue flakes off my ear.


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