i watched little voice tonight, which is about a really quiet girl who actually has an amazing singing voice, classic broadway style. people always first mistake me as a quiet girl, but in reality i'm a really loud girl with a terrible singing voice. in it is also ewan mcgreg0r (bestill my heart!), michael caine, jim broadbent, and brenda blethyn. in case that name doesn't sound familiar, she's the mom from p&p, which i actually mentioned a few posts down. michael caine and jane horrocks, who plays the main character, are the only ones who sing.

i'm wondering if that's how jim broadbent and ewan mcgregor met, and eventually were in moulin rouge together? it was a little hard to follow at first with the accents and a lot of shouting, but would recommend it, especially if you like music of the judy garland, marilyn monroe era.


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