this is a shoutout to helena, who heckled inspired me to update this blog more often. =D

my coworker mike (web producer by day, graphic artist by night) likes to draw these creepy faces when he's on long boring telephone conversations, and i made the mistake of saying that they were creepy, so now he leaves them on my keyboard so i can cry a little when i get back to my desk. what fun! they also remind me of the alien character in Enemy Mine or better yet, Glirk:
look helena! it's waving at you! here's the second one:
that was left for me after i openly threw away the first one (but i fished it out 'cause i felt bad. it is art. kind of.) The third one was actually screaming my name (resembling Jeriba/Glirk the most):
And then he drew me a "normal" guy, which honestly, is still a little scary:

PS - I'm not sure The Hartford is, but we suddenly have a bunch of sticky pads at work for it.


Awww I'm touched!


3:36 AM  

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