davin and i were walking back to the apartment yesterday and while crossing the really smelly street, i took a double take because i thought i saw a dead goat on the sidewalk.

me: hey... is that a dead goat?
him: yeah! i saw it too!

it turned out to be couple lumps of ice and snow. we deteremined that we are destined to be together since we are both sick enough the head to see a dead goat on the sidewalks of lower east side.

dead goat:

lump of ice:


A Dead goat on the street. a sign of our true love.

this should become a saying like "jumping the shark" so people will say "their love is like
a dead goat on the street" a 100 years from now. they might not know where the term comes from, but we will, oh we will... ;)

2:54 PM  

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